Eye Clops

December 6, 2007

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Eye Clops, gives you an eye on the world you never knew existed.View bugs and bits at 200 x magnification through your TV screen! It’s like a microscope you can use on your TV or a very unique, interactive TV toy. The EyeClops bionic eye is a simple-to-use handheld device that allows kids and adults to view ordinary items up to 200 times their regular size. Best of all, the battery-powered device plugs directly into the A/V jacks found on any current TV model (TV is not included). It’s educational and fun, providing new perspectives of little things right on your TV’s screen.

* Bionic Eye hand-held device magnifies 200 times normal size on any TV screen
* Creates hours of play and exploration for the entire family
* Built-in LED lights illuminate any object
* Plugs into A/V jacks on any TV
* Includes observation dish and tube for exploring objects and liquids